Our History

The original Company, Day & Sons (Hanworth) Ltd, was established in 1947 by the late John Day who delivered coal to London’s power stations, businesses and homes during the Second World War.

By 1955 the Company had outgrown its site in Hanworth and moved to a British Rail Goods Yard in Brentford where its Head Office is still based today.

In 1974 this railhead enabled limestone to be railed into London, for the first time on a regular basis, directly from Foster Yeoman’s Torr Works quarry in Somerset. This, together with the demise of coal for power stations, businesses and homes shaped the future of Day Group Ltd.


Day Group Ltd, as it is now known, was started by John Day. At just 13 he had literally been kicked out of home to make his way in the world. After various jobs he started working as a lorry driver and coal man.

He loaded and unloaded the coal by hand and then delivered it across west London. He eventually purchased his own lorry, and then another and another….


In 1947 John Day established his own Company, Day & Sons (Hanworth) Ltd. Back then we were coal merchants and general hauliers, but in those difficult times we had to be flexible and do whatever we could to stay in business.


In 1955 we moved from Hanworth to Brentford, renting part of the railway goods yard, and the Company was re-named Day & Sons (Brentford) Ltd. Our Head Office is on this same site today.


In the 1960’s John was joined by his son, Alan Day, who had been at art school. Despite this unlikely training he helped build the Company, and he is still the Company’s Chairman.


By the 1970’s our Brentford site took deliveries of coal by rail, which was delivered by our own fleet of lorries to factories, homes, offices and power stations across west London. We also carried out long distance bulk haulage and sold various products, including aggregates from different sources. The transport fleet exceeded 70 following the acquisition of Green Garage in Bedfont, which included workshop facilities and mechanics.

Having this infrastructure at Brentford resulted in an approach, in 1974, by a quarrying Company in Somerset called Foster Yeoman, who wanted us to unload trains containing limestone at Brentford, sell it and deliver it. The change from selling coal to aggregates was a huge step for us, not least because our competitors in west London, including some very big companies who had substantial local aggregate reserves, were determined not to see us prosper. But we adapted, succeeded and continued to grow.


In 1986 James Day joined the Company, his brother Adam joined shortly after in 1987. During this decade further depots opened, Charlton (near our present-day depot) and Woking. Director Matthew Harrison joined us in 1989.


In the 1990’s the other two brothers, Jonathan and Dominic, joined us, together with Director Nick Sadler and many other present-day members of staff. We continued to open depots across the south east and started recycling construction and demolition arisings.


The Company developed its recycling business to include Incinerator Bottom Ash with the construction of its first processing facility at Brentford. Company Secretary and Group Financial Controller David Churchill joined the Company in 2000 and Director Michael Woodward joined in 2005.


Today we sell more than 5 million tonnes of aggregates from many sources into the construction sector, much of which is moved by rail, and plays a vital part in meeting society’s demands for raw materials to build and maintain the built environment. Moving so much by rail means we are meeting this demand in the most efficient way and with the lowest carbon footprint possible.

Each year we put over a million tonnes of aggregates into bags, sold by builder’s merchants across the south of England, which makes us one of the largest bagging suppliers in the UK.

As well as selling some 4 million tonnes of quarry products, each year we recycle almost a million tonnes of construction and demolition arisings and incinerator bottom ash, producing recycled aggregates close to where they are wanted. This makes us one of the largest recycling companies in the UK.

To move all this requires a formidable network of railheads, recycling and bagging plants, over 160 lorries and some 50 train loads a week, not to mention a wide range of back office functions.

These activities all happen under the name of ‘Day Aggregates’, but we also do work within the water treatment industry as ‘Day Contracting’, in the equestrian industry as ‘Day Equestrian’ and in the glass recycling industry as ‘Day Glass Recycling’.

Our Values


In our business and its reputation


In what we’ve done, what we do today, what we will do tomorrow and how we will do it.





Of products, services and workplaces


Striving for our customers, employees and other stakeholders to consider us a partner of choice.

Embracing innovation.

Developing our people by encouraging teamwork, inclusiveness, professionalism, good communication and upholding Company values.


Valuing relationships


Safeguarding one another.

Remaining financially robust and independent.

Optimising sustainable profitability.



Behaving with integrity


Caring for the well-being of our people and their families.

Being clear, helpful, respectful and friendly.

Valuing our people and striving to ensure they feel valued.

Our Mission, Vision & Objectives

Our Mission

We are an independent family Company supplying aggregates and recycling services across the south of England, and contracting services throughout the United Kingdom, since 1947.

Our Vision

Day Group Ltd will be the chosen business partner, valued for a straight forward and personal approach – building on our solid family foundations.

Our Objectives

  • Practise and promote the Company’s values
  • Zero Harm
  • Improve what we have, and how we do what we do
  • Maximise efficiency.