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Our commercial glass business collects over 150,000 tonnes a year from waste management companies who operate bulking sites for sources such as kerbside glass bunkers and MRF facilities throughout the South of England. The glass is taken to one of several port locations and shipped to processing facilities that produce the feed cullet for the bottle making plants.

Due to the nature of our end products, we do not require glass to be separated by colour. Allowing glass to be collected in single compartment vehicles simplifies collection and maximises vehicle time on the road. Ultimately this reduces collection costs and makes for easier householder participation.

Glass Export Report

As one of the largest handlers of glass in the UK, Day Group sets out the case for why exporting container glass for recycling back into new bottles and jars in mainland Europe can provide the best environmental, as well as financial, solution for waste management companies and Local Authorities based in the south east of England.

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