Exchanging Places in Worthing

Take a look at one of our Scania 8-wheel tippers! These impressive trucks were the star attraction at Worthing Fire Station’s recent Open Day.

Day Aggregates continue to support the great work done by Sussex Safer Roads. This is an initiative involving local councils, the fire service and the police force.

The event we attended is known as ‘Exchanging Places’. It gives members of the public a chance to sit in the driver’s seat of a Heavy Good Vehicle (HGV). Then while they are sitting inside, the driver walks around the vehicle with a bike; demonstrating the various blind sports.

It is hoped that events like this help to promote responsible cycling while also highlighting the risks involved when cyclists get too close to large vehicles like these.

The picture shows four-year-old Oscar, who, along with his dad, attends the open day each year. The green truck is his favourite part of the day!

Our attendance at the event is usually managed by our Transport Manager Allan Butterfield. However, it was Transport Manager Derek Jennings who was in charge this year!

Derek was assisted by George Mulligan, the regular driver. George was on hand to talk to visitors and answer questions from children and adults alike.

Darren Wiles from the team was also on hand during the day and also helped to prepare this impressive vehicle for its day in the limelight.

A big thank you to everyone from Day Aggregates who participated, as well as all the local residents who came along to this important community engagement event!