Brentford Conveyor

Day Group’s main depot is located in Brentford. Ideally situated just outside London, this depot is responsible for serving many of our customers in the capital and across the South Coast.

From here, we were able to provide sub-bases, recycled materials, sands and gravels, drainage aggregates and clean stones and concrete and asphalt recycling.

Within the depot, there is the main conveyor, which runs the entire length of the yard. This conveyor is responsible for moving primary materials from the rail Bottom Discharge Unit and recycled materials from the crushing plant.

The conveyor has been in use since the1970s and, although it has served us well, it did finally need replacing.

Our own engineering team has designed our new galvanised conveyor. It will be in a slightly different position to the old one and roughly 3 metres higher. Due to the increased height, the storage capacity underneath will be much greater than we had previously.

Our regular groundwork contractors ‘Vision’ has been supporting us with this project. They have been preparing the new bases for the conveyor and, at the time of writing, the first sections have already arrived.

We look forward to giving this many years of service!