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Incinerator Bottom Ash Recycling

Energy from waste facilities produce a bottom ash (IBA) that can be processed to make an aggregate suitable for construction projects and in the manufacture of asphalt.

Under contract to the EfW facilities, Day Group is experienced in the removal of IBA, as well as in the recycling and marketing of incinerator bottom ash aggregate (IBAA).

About IBAA

Incinerator bottom ash aggregate (IBAA) is a heterogeneous material which contains concrete, ceramics, glass, brick, clinker, some metals and fused material particles.

IBAA has been an accepted and widely used sustainable aggregate both in the UK and on the continent for many years. Over five million tonnes has been used as sub-base and capping material in numerous applications over that 10 year period.

It is a sustainable and cost effective option that complies with European and British Standards as well as sections of the Specification for Highway Works.


Day Aggregates IBAA can be used as a secondary aggregate fully compliant with SHW C803 Type 1 or as a capping material in accordance with SHW 600 series. It may also be used as a constituent of a granular material compliant to the same SHW 600 and 800 series. Secondary aggregates must comply with the same requirements as primary materials. Given this, users and specifiers can choose a sustainable option such as IBAA, with the confidence that it will be fit for purpose and perform comparably with a primary material.


Day Aggregates uses our IBAA as a constituent in our recycled aggregate range of products. Our SHW 600 and 800 series materials may contain up to 20% IBAA. These materials are regularly tested and are fully compliant with the relevant specifications.


Day Aggregates collects the IBA from Lakeside Energy from Waste Ltd in Colnbrook and more can be found about the plant on their website

This plant produces approximately 80,000 tonnes of IBA per annum which is available through Day Aggregates following processing by us to turn the ash from a waste into a product.


Unprocessed IBA is brought in to our purpose built plant in Brentford using HGV tipper vehicles. The material is assessed on arrival against our site specific acceptance criteria and then stockpiled until it has suitably aged. Once this has occurred it will be ready for processing.

The process involves screening the material, separating the ferrous and non-ferrous metals for external recycling, re-screening, then further metal removal and then final product stockpiling. It results in three sizes of material being sent out of the plant for stockpiling. These single sized products are then blended together to produce an IBAA compliant to SHW Series 600 6F4 or used as a constituent in recycled aggregates.

If there is any doubt about which applications recycled material (including IBAA) can be used in, please contact our Technical Department who will be happy to help you.

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