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Glass Recycling

Glass containers such as wine bottles and jam jars equate to approximately 10% of the volume and 25% of the weight of the average household's rubbish.

This glass can readily be recycled by Day Aggregates in our reprocessing facilities.

Glass Into Aggregate

Benefits of Day Aggregates Recycling Your Glass Bottles

  • No need to keep colours separate

Due to the nature of our end products, we do not require glass to be separated by colour. Allowing glass to be collected in single compartment vehicles simplifies collection and maximises vehicle time on the road. Ultimately this reduces collection costs and makes for easier householder participation.

  • Our Charlton Tipping facility in SE7 is open six days a week
  • Ceramics and other contaminants

We have invested over 4 million in the latest air separation and washing equipment, allowing us to sort, screen and wash varying degrees of contaminated material, from "MRF" glass to commercially collected containers from licensed premises, restaurants and clubs.

Benefits of using Recycled Aggregates

  • Ecological footprint savings

There are substantial ecological footprint savings when reprocessing glass cullet into aggregate (706 gha, based on 40,000 tonne of glass per year processed). This can be calculated into CO2 emission savings of 50kg of CO2 per tonne of glass reprocessed into aggregate.* There are substantial CO2 reductions when using recycled aggregates versus quarried virgin materials.

  • Ecological footprint savings

EcoSand, a recycled glass product, is used as a paving sand under block paving and concrete slabs. It offers an effective use for waste material and addresses issues of sustainability. Once used as an aggregate, EcoSand can be recycled endless times. EcoSand is the ideal local use for recycled glass.

*Report by WSP for London Remade - March 2004

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