Tyre Telematics

It is estimated that there are between 150 to 400-wheel detachments each year which are responsible for three to seven deaths annually. This can also result in serious traffic incidents involving damage to other vehicles and injury to other road users.

Day Aggregates wanted to reduce its exposure to these risks and improve tyre management across its fleet of over 150 vehicles.

TrucTyre and Day Aggregates agreed to partner in the trial of a tyre monitoring system. A two-year Innovate UK government grant was awarded to support the development of this system.

The system consists of a sensor that straddles two-wheel nuts and is held with a bracket. The sensor is activated by a 1mm movement. When the wheel nuts start to work loose, the switch opens, and an RF warning is sent to the driver via a receiver to the cab. In addition, via the TyreWatch telematics platform, a warning is sent directly to the traffic office. This is designed to warn them about the imminent danger of a loose wheel.

The system is also capable of monitoring tyre pressure and temperature. By keeping an eye on these elements and taking appropriate corrective action, the operator is able to improve tyre life while also enhancing the durability and safety of the tyre casing.

Crucially, the system reduces the reliance on the driver to check and monitor the vehicle tyres. The processing of data and reporting directly to the transport department is automated and continuous.

The driver is warned and able to stop their vehicle before a wheel becomes detached, a tyre blows or runs incorrectly inflated, avoiding an incident that could potentially have catastrophic consequences.


Key Benefits of our Tyre Telematics System

  • Reduces risk of tyre failure leading to accident
  • Safer Transport – drivers, tyre fitters and third parties
  • Increased vehicle uptime, less traffic congestion
  • Lower environmental footprint
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Less tyre disposal
  • Reduction in workshop maintenance time.