Seaford College

Day Aggregates was invited to work on this exciting project to create an area for new cricket nets at Seaford College.

Seaford College is an independent boarding and day school in Petworth, West Sussex and boasts an impressive programme of sports for students to enjoy throughout the year. The college is located in Lavington Park, an area of more than 400 acres of outstanding natural beauty.

Before arriving on site the area had already been excavated and a membrane laid over the exposed subsoil area by the contractor. This membrane prevents the stone from sinking into the ground during the compaction stages as well as over time. The area was then filled and compacted with 60 tonnes of 20/40mm Limestone. The material was selected as it is free from fines and dust which allows water to percolate through the base and away from the surface.

The process was repeated but this time with a Type 1 Limestone and again, a membrane was laid to separate it from the 20/40mm Limestone.

The final stage of the project was a final compaction of a 0/6mm wet granite. This process achieved a solid but smooth surface on which the artificial turf could then be laid.

The end result was an impressive cricket area, ready for the season ahead.

Customer: Chiltern Churchill

Project: Cricket nets

Location: Seaford College, Lavington Park, Petworth, GU28

Material: 60 tonnes 20/40mm of Limestone, 60 tonnes of Type 1 Limestone and 40 tonnes of 0/6mm Granite