Day Aggregates had the pleasure of providing Montel Civil Engineering Ltd with #EcoBlend® GA for an adoptable road at Gloucestershire Council’s Stonehouse West site.  

EcoBlend® GA is a Type 1 sub-base material made from a blend of natural quarried aggregate and Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregate (IBAA). The material fully complies with the Standards for Highway Works (SHW) Series 800, Clause 803. The key benefits of using EcoBlend® GA were:

  • 25% saving in material cost compared to a Primary Type 1, which was the customer’s initial product choice
  • 10% saving on density compared to natural aggregate
  • 50% sustainable aggregate content
  • Reduced use of quarried aggregate, helping to preserve our precious natural resources

We received excellent feedback from Nick Rowe, the site manager on the project, who commented:

“The EcoBlend® GA material cannot be faulted, even in the wet weather when I wasn’t sure it would be suitable…it’s probably the best Type 1 Recycled/Manufactured I have used. The material is very consistent.” He said his company would “…definitely be using this on other schemes.”

Want to see similar savings and benefits? Consider switching to an EcoBlend® product.

For more information and pricing, contact our Sales Team.

This photo shows EcoBlend® GA Type 1 being graded on-site before compaction

This photo shows EcoBlend® GA Type 1 on-site before compaction