Day Group Glass Recycling

The year ending Dec 31st 2020 saw the largest amount of glass exported for recycling in Europe by Day Group since its glass business began in 2000.

205,000t of glass was collected and exported through our facilities located in Greenwich and Ridham. This volume is the equivalent of 615 million glass bottles and jars exported to Portugal and Belgium

Glass is an excellent material for recycling as it can be used over and over again without any loss of quality making it an excellent green packaging material. Once the exported glass is received by our customers, it is cleaned and mixed with other (raw) materials to manufacture new bottles and containers. Therefore, based on the volumes exported by Day Group during 2020, our glass can be found in 2.5billion new bottles and containers.

Thanks must go to Tom Robertson and his team in Greenwich as well as Glyn Roberts’s and the logistics team for this success.