Coulsdon South Station

Due to the convenient location of the Day Aggregates’ depots, we are often selected to work on projects close to the capital of London. This particular project got us working on an embankment in Coulsdon, just outside of Croydon.

We worked to stabilise and consolidate a retaining embankment located at the rear of Coulsdon Station, which backs onto a number of residential properties. This is of great significance and an essential process to prevent any downslope movement and erosion while also providing additional support to any unstable ground or structures.

We were required to backfill and compact our Type 1 Limestone; chosen for its stability. We brought the material on site in multi-trip chute bottomed bulk bags, this allowed us to be efficient with the space as this became extremely limited after the initial loose loads.

The multi-trip bags gave the site engineers the flexibility to be able to move the material around the site as well as the added safety factor of being able to dispense the material via the chute at the base of the bag, as opposed to having to cut it.

The Limestone was brought in over 6 artic loads of 32 bags, directly from our Tolworth bagging plant just outside of London.

Customer: Bam Nuttall Ltd

Project: Retaining Embankment

Location: Coulsdon South Station, Coulsdon

Material: 192 bulk bags of Type 1 Limestone