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Water Treatment Contracting

The supply, contract laying and full refurbishment of filter media for biological percolating filters began in the early 1960's. Indeed, Day & Sons (Brentford) Limited (as the Company was then called) was a forerunner in the promotion of slag aggregate for this particular use. Those early years of the company's development saw blast furnace slag replace clinker as the preferred waste water treatment medium.

Innovations in Media Recycling

In addition to supplying new filter media, with the ever-increasing need to offer cost effectiveness in our supply, installation and refurbishment packages, Day Contracting has designed a fully portable recycling process for existing blast furnace slag and rock media percolating filters.

The process, although site specific, involves high pressure washing and double screening to remove any imported grit and excess bio-mass from the existing filter. This eradicates associated problems such as ponding, excessive sloughing and poor ventilation, all of which can have disastrous effects on the performance of biological filters.

The key advantages of the process are:

  • Utilisation of existing asset value,
  • Reduced off-site disposal costs of used filter media,
  • Reduced re-seeding times.

When these three factors are taken into account, total water treatment contracting savings of up to 50% can be expected compared with a like-for-like refurbishment contract using new blast furnace slag filter media.

Water Treatment Projects

You can read about a selection of Day Group's water treatment projects within our own website.

Water contracting enquiries:

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  • Southern Enquiries - Tel: 020 8380 9600, Facsimile: 020 8380 9700
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