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The Day Group divisions pride themselves on being able to supply trade customers with all their aggregate needs in a sustainable manner.

These materials are produced either by Day Aggregates' in-house production facilities or through a chain of approved third party suppliers.


Day Group offers a range of aggregates to meet varying construction needs. The aggregates supplied conform to European Standards (EN), as detailed in the Highways Agency’s Specification for Highways Works (SHW) and can be categorised into the following end uses:

Aggregate Source Groups

The products can also be classified into the following five source groups.

  • Primary Aggregates such as limestone, granite and flint based aggregates, are produced via quarrying and available at most Day Group depots
  • Secondary Aggregates made from industrial by-products such as pulverised fuel ash (PFA), blast furnace slag (BFS) and incinerator bottom ash aggregate (IBAA) these products can provide sustainable alternatives to quarried products.
  • Recycled Aggregates recycled concrete aggregates (RCA), recycled asphalt and other mixes of materials produced from construction and demolition waste that provide sustainable alternatives to quarried materials
  • EcoBlend™ a mixture of natural and recycled aggregates in a controlled blend.

Day Group specialises in the production of sustainable Secondary and Recycled Aggregates throughout the South East.

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Contact our Sales Department on 0845 0654 655 to discuss your Aggregate requirements in London and the South East and nationally across the UK.

General Disclaimer

Products should only be used for applications relevant to the standard under which the products are sold. Day Group cannot be held responsible when products are used for applications inappropriate to the product specification. Our terms and conditions of sale apply to all products

Recycled aggregates may be produced either by Day Group Aggregates under the WRAP Quality protocol or from a third party supplier who may or may not comply with this standard. If it is a condition of purchase that products meet the WRAP Quality Protocol, this must be stated on the offical order.

Due to their variable source, recycled aggregates may contain up to 0.1% asbestos (which is the limit generally set by the Health & Safety Executive as acceptable).

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