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"The responsible sourcing of our products and investment in modern processing equipment supports a dedicated and professional team focused on your needs." James Day, Managing Director, Day Group Limited

Bulk Road Haulage

As well as delivering our own products, Day Group provides bulk haulage services to an ever-growing list of clients.

Our own fleet ranges from 4-wheelers with a carrying capacity of 11 tonnes through to articulated vehicles with a carrying capacity of 29 tonnes.

Our Fleet

In addition to the movement of materials by rail and water each year, Day Group invests significantly in its fleet of lorries, with a replacement programme to ensure that its vehicles are of the highest specification and include: automatic sheeting systems; reversing cameras; automatic tailgates; modern gearboxes, such as Volvo's I-shift; hands-free telephone kits and satellite tracking systems. Euro 5 engines help minimise emissions.

Following the acquisition of CJ Burgess, Rother Cartage and DJ Christmas in 2005 and Lavers Transport in 2011, Day Group now operates more than 100 trucks, based throughout South East England. The fleet engages in work that is increasingly diverse in both vehicle type and application.

Four Wheelers

Our fleet of 4-wheelers is unrivalled in the South East. These ‘tippers’ are perfect for carrying loads of 11 tonnes or less and enable us to provide a high level of service, even if access is too tight for the more common 8-wheeler.

Length 6.8m
Width 3.4m
Height 3.1m
Height when tipping 5.4m
Turning circle 15.0m

Eight Wheelers

The largest type of rigid tipping vehicle is the most common in the fleet. The range includes ‘bulkers’, insulated bodies (designed to carry hot asphalt) as well as regular aggregate bodies. Steel bodied vehicles are used to transport concrete and asphalt break-out from demolition sites. The largest contracts can be serviced by utilising an extensive sub-contractor fleet.

Length 9.50m
Width 3.55m
Height 3.6m
Height when tipping 7.7m
Turning circle 25.00m

Articulated Vehicles

Day Group makes more and more use of articulated vehicles. Bagged aggregates are transported on caged or curtain-sided trailers. Loose aggregates are carried on tipping trailers of varying capacities.

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